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What benefits does this mark provide?

Wood packaging manufacturers in the UK who make or repair pallets, crates or boxes may supply these products to companies involved in exports.

Subsequently the packing will therefore be used for goods shipped overseas and some of it will be used for goods shipped back to the UK.

If this wood packing material cannot be easily identified as having originated in the UK, it would have to be liable to some sort of remedial treatment such as fumigation, heat-treatment, re-exported or even destroyed at the importer's expense.

Further information (including participating countries) can be obtained from the Forestry Commission's web site:





Edwin Lawton Limited has been registered to the UK Wood Packing Material Marking Programme run in accordance with the Forestry Commission, Timcon & the IPPC. This means that we are permitted to use DB-HT (Debarked and Heat Treated) as part of our permanent wood mark. This mark provides an assurance that the product was manufactured in the UK, under official control and that it meets a prescribed minimum phytosanitary (plant health standard), in order to prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

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