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new wooden pallets in any size

Edwin Lawton can provide a wide selection of new wooden pallets in many different sizes to suit any requirement.

Please view & scroll over our selection of standard pallet examples to the right ~ if you cannot see what type you are looking for and need further advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

packing cases in any size

Heat Treated goods for export are not a problem for us, as we are fully accredited under the heat treatment scheme with the Forestry Commission.

Email Us for more information about ISPM 15 (HT Goods).



2 Way Entry Reversible Pallet

2 Way Entry Wing Pallet
2 Way Entry Pallet (Solid Deck)
4 Way Entry Perimeter Base Pallet
4 Way Entry Wing Pallet
4 Way Entry Perimeter Base Pallet (Solid Deck)
4 Way Entry Pallet (Solid Deck) 4 Way Entry Pallet (Spaced Deck) Euro Pallet (1200 x 800mm)

Apart from regular pallet types, we can supply many other special items such as:

  • Pallet Collars
  • Wooden Frames
  • Cradle Pallets
  • V-Battens
  • Packing Cases (Wooden, OSB & Plywood)
  • Boarding (Warehouse racking etc...)

and all can be supplied in any dimension to suit your individual needs.

Edwin Lawton have been case makers and pallet manufacturers for almost 100 years, boasting four generations of experience, and we have yet to receive a specification that could not be fulfilled at a very competitive rate.

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